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Most topics here are based on topics in the sourceforge.net forums...


Where did my special characters go ?

This ADO.NET Data Provider currently believes that the UTF8-Interfaces in SQLite return UTF8-Data.

But it seems that some applications write ASCII or anything else to the database instead of UTF8.

This problem is currently discussed in the forum and might be solved in later releases:

forum-link: Error to get some characters


I created a database using this ADO.NET Data Provider but other tools cannot read it ?

Currently most tools can read SQLite3 databases or SQLite2 databases only but not both of them.

Check what version your tool expects and let the Data Provider write the database in the expected version.

By default Finisar's SQLite Data Provider writes SQLite2 databases. You can change to SQLite3 by specifying "Version=3" in your ConnectionString!


How can i determine which database version the database file uses ?

Try opening it by specifying "Version=3" in the ConnectionString and catch the exception.

If there was an exception thrown the file is most probably a SQLite2 database. Try opening it with "Version=2" - If that does not succeed too, then the file is most probably damaged...